You won't even realize how dehydrated you've been

There’s a surprisingly easy solution to those days when you need hydration on-the-go. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, on the road, hitting the gym or when you just “don’t feel good”. Fast hydration is key if you:


Exercised intensely


Are travelling (climate, bad food)


Are sick or have food poisoning


Had one too many last night...

Often headaches, your afternoon slump, the “not good” feeling after getting off a plane or the downside from a long night are symptoms of dehydration.

Here's the problem: Sports drinks, coconut water, supplements, and even H2O do NOT revive a dehydrated body effectively.

By the time you feel dehydration symptoms, plain water does not deliver what your body needs fast enough.

That’s why we created Hydralyte: Scientifically formulated to have the right ratio of glucose, electrolytes & minerals to hydrate fast. It’s family-friendly and tastes great.

Try this delicious science


How will you Hydralyte

Whether its on-the-go powder sticks, tablets or ready-to-drinks, there’s a solution for your lifestyle


100% Natural, On-the-Go Powders

Pour a pre-portioned packet into water. Watch it dissolve. Drink. Feel relief. Get back to business.

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Easy-to-carry Electrolyte Tablets

Throw this tube into your gym bag, carry-on, purse or backpack for as-you-need hydration.

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Ready-to-drinks when life feels hard

For when you or the kids get sick or food poisoning.

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Freezer pops for kids (and young at heart)

When under the weather, the most refreshing way to rehydrate? Our delicious freezer pops.

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How to spot dehydration (+ why it's happening to you)

Dehydration is extremely common. In fact, 75% of adults are dehydrated each day. Even if you drink water constantly, so much of it is not actually being absorbed effectively. Here’s the truth:

The modern lifestyle requires more hydration than ever before.

When cold and flu strikes, dehydration is a serious issue and needs immediate attention. However, if you’re not getting your 8 glasses of water in, everything from working out, to travel, to drinking too much coffee, all contribute to daily dehydration.


Give relief to travel fatigue, hangovers, headaches & exercise exhaustion for 20% off.