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Long Nights, Hydrated Mornings

Long Nights, Hydrated Mornings

As we watch the country slowly opening up again, many of us are wondering how we are going to keep up with all the activities that we have missed so much. Being in a nationwide lockdown for such a long period of time has taken its toll on all of us, with sleep being one of the biggest aspects of our lives that was affected. With the growing level of movement in addition to the lack of a good night’s rest, many of us are struggling to re-adjust as we are concerned for our health and wellbeing.  

According to the CDC, the average adult requires seven or more hours of sleep every single night. It is reported that about 35% of adults in the US get less than seven hours of sleep during a typical 24 hour period. Did you know that one in four adults in the US struggles to fall asleep at night? ‘How to sleep fast’ was a term searched over 3,000 times between May 2020 and May 2021.


Unfortunately, the struggle with sleep is not foreign amongst the youth either. Children and teenagers are getting nowhere near the amount of the recommended sleep for their age group. Since the first cases of Covid-19 were registered, childcares, nurseries and schools closed, which drastically changed the routine of many families; also, parents reported more challenging bedtime practices, and children’s sleep quality decreased. As most of you will be affected by these statistics, we want you to know that you are not alone and there are extremely effective ways of improving your sleep.  

One of the biggest factors to consider when assessing how to increase the quality of our sleep is hydration. Even the mildest of dehydration can influence your sleep pattern, and forgetting to drink enough water is more common than you might think. On average, our bodies are made up of 60% water, and the recommended daily amount of water to drink is eight 8-oz cups. However, this amount barely replenishes the 40oz-50oz of water that our bodies lose every day. This is why we strongly believe that water alone does not hydrate your body as effectively as we need it to, and with newfound fatigue as lockdown restrictions are lifted, water just isn’t achieving the results we require to stay hydrated and healthy.

We understand the struggle to constantly remember to drink enough water to revitalize our body, and for this specific reason Hydralyte was created. Hydralyte is scientifically designed to help your body retain fluids faster as it is formulated to restore vital electrolytes in your body when you are dehydrated. It contains the correct balance of sodium and glucose to activate the ‘Sodium Glucose Transporter’, which in simpler terms means when entering the body, the fluids go straight into the blood stream. This process results in faster and more effective hydration than water, or any kind of sports drinks.  

Hydralyte is designed for travel, exercise, cold and flu or even hangovers, and as we move towards the third stage of the Covid-19 response, one of the biggest changes will be the removal of curfew for many businesses. This means that those long nights out so many of you have missed are making a comeback. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting how groggy you may feel or how badly your head pounds the morning after a long, loud night out. Be prepared, as Hydralyte will rejuvenate your body and help you avoid any unnecessary hangover symptoms. Our product is what you call hypotonic, which is the most rapidly absorbed fluid type for rehydration of our body cells.  

Our recommendations? Aside from drinking Hydralyte which will be essential in helping you stay active and avoid dehydration, significantly aiding you in getting the best out of your night, we recommend: 

1. Setting a time to sleep and wake up every day and trying your best to stick to the same cycle to build a routine. This consistency will help to tune your circadian rhythm.  

2. Turn off any screens for a minimum amount of 30 minutes before bed to avoid blue light and brain stimulation. On smartphones, there is a setting for night / dark mode which reduces the emission of light by the device.  

3. Avoid eating late as the muscles that digest and metabolize our food would have to continue working when they should be resting.  

4. Do some calming exercises such as yoga or meditation. Introducing these relaxation techniques before bed will help to quiet your mind and body, and enhance your inner peace.  

5. Use a diffuser / humidifier with essential oils to help alleviate symptoms of dry air. It’s a safe and easy way to clear your nasal passage, sinuses and throat while sleeping.  

So, whether your long night is one full of blissful sleep, or an exciting thrilling long night out until early hours, we want you to be confident in knowing that by morning your body will feel fresh, revitalized and ready for the day ahead

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