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Hydralyte Donates Over 30,000 Hydration Solutions to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hydralyte Donates Over 30,000 Hydration Solutions to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hydralyte’s Oral Rehydration Solutions aid those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in need of hydration  

CAMBRIDGE (September 27, 2017) – Hydralyte, a clinically formulated oral rehydration solution (ORS), has donated over 30,000 liters of electrolyte solutions to support and aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Flooding from both Hurricanes may compromise the supply or safety of drinking water for the people of Houston and communities all over Florida. The aid of Hydralyte solutions provides effective hydration by replenishing both fluids and additional electrolytes. Hydralyte’s donation was sent to multiple organizations at work in Texas and Florida including:


“We support the people of Houston and across Florida during this challenging time,” said Charles Whiting, CEO, Hydralyte. “As the people of Texas and Florida join together, we are committed to helping these groups at work and the people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma stay hydrated while rebuilding their homes and communities.”


About Hydralyte

Hydralyte, based in Cambridge, MA, is a global leader in delivering clinical hydration. After dominating the Australian oral hydration market for more than ten years, Hydralyte’s range of great tasting products is now available in both the US and Canada. With up to 75% less sugar and four times the electrolytes compared to leading sports drinks, Hydralyte was formulated in accordance with the World Health Organization guidelines for oral rehydration therapy, making all Hydralyte products contain the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes required for rapid rehydration.

Suitable for all ages and recommended by medical professionals around the world, Hydralyte comes in a wide range of flavors and formats including ready-to-drink liquids, powders, and effervescent tablets. Hydralyte is available at stores nationwide, including Rite Aid and Amazon. For more information on Hydralyte, please visit www.hydralyte.com.

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