Dehydrated? It may be impacting your weight.

Dehydrated? It may be impacting your weight.

Written by Carter Reid, CNP

Please explain how consistently being dehydrated can impact your health and potentially cause weight gain
Water is required for every single bodily process, and each cell of the body requires adequate amounts of water to function. So, when it comes to chronic dehydration, literally every single aspect of your health is directly impacted, from your brain and mental health, to your digestive system and endocrine system- it all suffers!

If this is water weight or true fat gain
Dehydration can throw off our body's natural rhythms, which directly impact how our hormones are able to function. If our hormones are not able to function properly, weight gain, among other symptoms, can occur as a result. Additionally, our being constantly dehydrated will impact our ability to properly release toxins from the body. A build-up of toxins in the body can also lead to weight gain.

How much water you should be drinking each day
The answer to this question will be different for everyone, depending on age, weight, height, body mass, health conditions, etc. Provided the body has reached homeostasis (it has all it needs to function effectively), we should be drinking a couple glasses of water upon waking, prior to eating lunch and a couple more before dinner, at the very least. If you're exercising and sweating, spending long periods of time in the sun, suffering from illness, or consuming caffeinated drinks or juices, it will only further dehydrate you. You'll need to be consuming additional amounts of water under these circumstances.

Any other thoughts you might have.
I love ensuring that I am properly hydrated in the morning or after exercising, by consuming Hydralyte. Once I know my body is properly hydrated, I carry a 1 Ltr. water bottle with me throughout the day. If I fill it up and drink it twice in a day, I know that I'm on the right track. Listen to your body, it will be your guide. Experiencing symptoms such as headaches, dry pasty mouth, impatience and irritability, dry skin, etc. are all signs of dehydration. If you're dehydrated, I recommend Hydralyte to ensure high electrolyte levels and maintain hydration with water once properly hydrated! And remember, the more you make hydration a habit, the better you will be at detecting your own thirst sensation!

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