The Hydralyte Culture

At Hydralyte, we keep it real. And for us, “real” means clinical hydration validated by science.

There is a scientifically proven way to deliver your body the fluid it needs to rapidly rehydrate.  You need the correct balance of sodium, glucose, and water.  Doctors initially developed this formula to ensure clinical effectiveness and rapid results – results delivered so quickly it can actually save lives.

Great Tasting Electrolyte Solutions

Although the science was solid, the taste was distinctly unappealing. We challenged ourselves to solve that problem: by creating a line of products that deliver on taste without compromising on the science.

Our goal? Create a clinical hydration product people would want to use – not only when moderately dehydrated from the stomach flu, but during all of those other, frequent moments in our daily lives when hydration really matters. Working out in the heat, long-haul flights, over-indulging the night before… there are countless occasions when a real, clinical hydration solution makes all the difference.

We’ve created a wide range of products – delivering the conveniences of different formats and the appeal of different flavors while never straying from the science that makes Hydralyte so effective. Our team is always working on something new. That’s because here at Hydralyte, everything we do is designed to help people access effective clinical hydration, from the products we create to the health care partners we support.