About Hydralyte North America

Introduction to Hydralyte North America

Hydralyte North America is a consumer products company that markets and sells a range of liquid, tablet and powder Healthy Hydration Solutions products into the North American markets of Canada and the United States under the ‘Hydralyte’ brand. Hydralyte North America’s products retain a strong alignment to the World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation for effective healthy hydration products. Hydralyte sells products through a range of retail, e-commerce and direct channels and outsources manufacturing and supply chain management to a team of valued partners.

Hydralyte North America was founded on the following core principles that remain at the heart of the business to this day:

  • Due to the demands of everyday life, 75% of people are estimated to be dehydrated every day which has negative impacts on their wellbeing.
  • Dehydration is highly preventable and rapidly resolved through the consumption of hydration products that leverage the WHO endorsed hydration formulation.
  • By staying true to the WHO formulation, Hydralyte North America’s products continue to have less sugar and more electrolytic salts than comparable hydration and functional beverage products and are therefore more effective.
  • By combining rapid rehydration with vitamins and minerals in a more bioavailable liquid format (rather than vitamin tablets) healthy hydration products can play an important role in improving nutrition and preventative health.
  • Hydralyte North America’s ambition is to ‘own hydration in the family home’ in North America built on the clinical efficacy of its products and a trusted brand positioning with families.

Hydralyte North America Operations

Hydralyte North America is headquartered in San Diego in the United States where key commercial sales, marketing and financial operations are located. The Company sources liquid products from a manufacturer located in Utah and solid products from manufacturers located in Switzerland. Hydralyte North America works with sales brokers with distribution capabilities. To service e-commerce and direct to consumer markets in both Canada and the United States, Hydralyte North America partners with a distributer located in Alabama.

Hydralyte North America currently has 8 employees.