8 Ingredients To Make Hangovers A Thing Of The Past
Maybe you need a night out on the town with friends, or a day at the lake to unwind and relax, but the thought of the hangover that is destined to plague you afterwards has been holding you back. Hangover...
Dehydrated? It may be impacting your weight.
Written by Carter Reid, CNP Please explain how consistently being dehydrated can impact your health and potentially cause weight gain Water is required for every single bodily process, and each cell of the body requires adequate amounts of water to...
5 Skin Issues You Can Avoid with Hydration
5 Skin Issues You Can Avoid with Hydration Does your skin often feel dry and flaky? Are you noticing new wrinkles or increased breakouts? Your skin is the largest organ in your body. While many things affect the health of...
The importance of sugar—but not too much—in electrolyte drinks.
We love our sweets, but in the name of health, many of us are conscious of our daily sugar intake. And that’s a good thing.
Rethinking health and wellness following significant life disruptions
As our awareness of new viruses and bacteria grows, so does our interest in protecting ourselves from their harms.
8 Natural Ways To Increase Your Daily Energy
Do you often start your mornings feeling tired and groggy? Or maybe you’re dragging by the middle of every afternoon.
Energy levels can fluctuate in all of us. 
3 Health Issues Caused by Dehydration
Water makes up about 60% of the human body. If the body doesn’t receive enough water throughout the day it will begin to experience symptoms of dehydration, which include extreme thirst, light-headedness, headaches, and muscle cramps.
Jenn Fast Shares Tips for Avoiding Winter Dehydration
Jenn Fast is a photographer, travel writer and content creator based out of the beautiful Canadian Rockies. In this guest post, she shares some information and tips on how to beat winter dehydration.
Long Nights, Hydrated Mornings
Being in a nationwide lockdown for such a long period of time has taken its toll on all of us, with sleep being one of the biggest aspects of our lives that was affected.
5 Day Hydration Journey
Tara Leigh Rose, from The Kit, was challenged with incorporating Hydralyte into her daily life for five straight days. Check out her hydration experience.
Why You Need to “Sip” an Electrolyte Drink
Confusing instructions are the last thing you need when not feeling well, so why do all pharmaceutical products have them? “Sip slowly and frequently” sounds like easy directions, but how slowly is “slowly,” just how often is “frequent,” and what is the size of a “sip”?
Tips for Fighting the Keto Flu
Although there are many variants of the keto diet that have emerged, the standard keto diet is pretty simple.  As a rule of thumb, eat very little carbohydrate: less than 50 grams of carbs per day, a lot of fat and just enough protein.
The Need for Proper Hydration in Athletes
The importance of hydration takes so many different shapes and definitions amongst different populations and for me that couldn’t be truer. Being a husband whose wife is going on baby #3 in 3 years and has experienced extreme morning sickness to having a mother who has been suffering from breast cancer for the last year to being a strength and conditioning coach to several high-level athletes
How to Treat & Recover from the Flu Fast
Flu season is in full effect and will continue throughout the next several months. Preparing for the flu can be difficult, seeing as the fluctuations in the weather trick the immune system, leaving your body in limbo.
Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion: How Summer Heat Can Cause Dehydration
Summer is one of the most popular seasons due to hot days, long nights, and a chance to relax outside. Many people travel over the summer months, take up exercising or other outdoor activities, and are sure to get their vitamin D from spending hours in the sun. 
The Adult Body Depends on Electrolytes
When many adults hear the word “electrolytes,” they think these hydrating substances are only needed by children, the elderly, and professional athletes. However, every adult body needs electrolytes, regardless of age, level of activity, or lifestyle habits. 
The Key Signs of Food Poisoning and How to Feel Better Fast
Food poisoning - everyone's heard about it and no one wants it. It can happen to anyone and even if you enjoyed your food when you ate it, you won't enjoy seeing it again. Seafood, meat, unwashed vegetables, and dairy can all make you sick if they are not prepared correctly or left out for too long, and that's not an encompassing list!
The Common Medication Side Effects You Shouldn’t Ignore
Everyone thinks the same thing when they hear a drug commercial: what a long list of side effects! There are so many different tablets, capsules, injections, and patches out there on the market and it seems like all of them have lists of side effects a mile long. 
Constipation in the Elderly
As we age, our bodies tend to slow down. You may notice that you take longer to recall a name, cook dinner, or complete daily errands. Our digestive track also slows down over time.
Dehydration In Infants: How to Keep Your Baby Hydrated
Being a new parent or caretaker can be just as exciting as it is daunting. To help with a bit of that anxiety, here are some tips to keep your baby hydrated.
How to Protect Yourself Against the Flu and Common Cold
We experience it every year: flu season. The common cold can also be a concern - as it can spread easily through day cares, classrooms, offices, or any confined space - even if you don't catch the actual flu.